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5 Mistakes We Make In Winter Skincare Routine

5 Mistakes We Make In Winter Skincare Routine

This blog educates you about the 5 mistakes we make in the winter skincare routine usually.

Are you procrastinating on what to do and what not to, for your winter skincare regimen? Well, you should. Winter is rolling in and we suggest you revise your beauty care tips for radiant, glowy skin. Often we tend to indulge in some common mistakes that can prove fatal for winter skin. Come, let’s join the parade and learn from the past blunders!!

Winter special bonfires, hot coffee, nostalgic tales, and congenial company sound perfect. But the season does not stop to offer harshness too. Be a little careful about your skin and no more worries can bother you. Here’s how to wipe off the most common blunders from your winter skincare routine.

5 mistakes we make in winter skincare routine are below:

# Blunder 1

Winter comes with a special perk – no sweating! But when you don’t sweat, you hardly feel the urge to cleanse your face twice a day. This is a striking blunder that allows dirt, pollutants to settle on your skin. Adding moisturizer above the dirt-laden skin attracts more dirt and dust. The cell renewal process slows down and the chances of pimples and acne accelerate. So, keep cleansing with mild facewashes and moisturize well.

# Blunder 2

Who says that toning doesn’t go with winter? This is a common notion that toners are exclusively for hot summers and not for dry winters. Toning in winter shrinks the skin pores, adds refreshment, and imparts a perfect finish to your skin. Choose an alcohol-free mild toner and get your skin winter-ready.

# Blunder 3

The next blunder we are going to talk about is the quintessential sunscreen factor. You must be thinking who uses sunscreen in winter? But why the heck not? Winter sun is equally powerful to form suntan, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and other skin imperfections. So, whenever you go out, do not forget to put on sunscreen. The harmful UV rays will never let you alone. So, be careful beforehand.

# Blunder 4

Exfoliation doesn’t sound like winter type. Isn’t it? So, you must be skipping that for a while. But what about those stubborn dead skin cells? Do you intend to live with them and make your skin dull? No, please update your knowledge and choices of products. Hook on to some mild exfoliators and go for gentle scrubbing. You can also try homemade exfoliators and get your skin nourishment.

# Blunder 5

Moisturizing your skin once a day is enough. If this is what you have known so far, then work a little more on your skincare knowledge. Moisturizing once a day is not sufficient in winter. Keep moisturizing lotion with you all the time and keep applying. The more the skin is hydrated, the more you are released from the winter harshness.

Hopefully, by now, you have acknowledged your mistakes and have started working on them. Glamour World gives you the best privilege to restore and nourish your skin with the resources of nature. If your skin is happy, you too are!!