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5 Skin Habits You Should Change Immediately

5 Skin Habits You Should Change Immediately

This blog gives a detailed analysis of 5 skin habits you should change immediately.

Hello beautiful ladies, we all know that the journey to good, healthy skin is certainly not easy. You have to pick up the right line of skin products, maintain a proper skincare regimen, indulge in healthy skin habits to ensure your skin is supple, smooth, and rejuvenating. But before that, you should decide on your skin habits – the healthy ones to keep up with and the unhealthy ones to cut down immediately. So, today, we come up with a list of ‘don’ts’ to enlighten your skin about some casual facts we fail to insert into our daily routine. Glamour world comes with some commonly known but least used tips and tricks to impart health and youth to your skin forever.

5 Skin Habits You Should Change Immediately:

  • Dirty hands can be your enemy – Never touch your face with your dirty hands. They can be your greatest enemy. Your hands often come in contact with dirt, pollutants, grime and once you touch your face with your hands, all of them are transferred swiftly. This might give rise to pimples, acne, and other skin infections you are mostly unaware of. Wash your hands frequently and minimize the chances of touching your face as much as possible.
  • Dare not leave makeup overnight – Once your ‘party fever’ is down, you naturally get big yawns and wish to roll over in bed. But what about removing your makeup? If you think it’s okay to leave your makeup overnight, then know the consequences you are about to face. These days, all skin cosmetics are water-proof and might be harsh on your skin. This can clog the pores and cause acne and pimples. 

Moreover, our skin is entitled to natural healing overnight. The stress that we go through all throughout the day seeks its escape while we are deep in sleep. The layer of makeup does not allow the skin to breathe properly and the process of cellular repairment is somehow delayed.

  • Do not pop up pimples, acne, or other skin imperfections – Do you believe that popping up pimples can get you clearer skin faster? Well, that’s not the case in reality. We indulge in many such heard about tactics when we are desperate to wipe off blemishes, avoid break-outs. But these commonly used skin hacks can bring about permanent skin imperfections.

The bacteria and oil popping out of your pimple can get transferred to other pores and cause multiple pimples. Better visit a dermatologist for the safest way of removing pimples and acne.

  • Don’t forget to clean your brushes – We use brushes mainly for powder makeup. But if that remains in the brushes for too long, chances are that it might develop bacteria and repeated uses can cause pimples and acne. It’s better if you can wash your makeup brushes with warm water every day after use. We tend to overlook such matters and end up visiting dermatologists while these can be treated with the least amount of carefulness.
  • Do not say ‘no’ to oils – Amp up your skin with antioxidants and nutritious oils like coconut, jojoba, argan. Oil does not clog your pores rather they are much needed to maintain the pH balance of your skin. So, if you have been following the conventional myth of not using oil-based skin products, simply debunk it and try a shot. We bet that you will enjoy better skin health.

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