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6 Steps To Revitalize Your Skin In Winter

6 Steps To Revitalize Your Skin In Winter

This blog enlightens you on 6 steps to revitalize your skin in winter.

No doubt, it’s a trying time for your skin because winter comes with all the dryness in its rucksack. So, while the chilling days are here, layer your skin with maximum protection. Bring a little change to your skincare routine, pick up the right products, indulge in the warmth, and there you get the best of winter in your arms.

You should be a little more careful when you are planning your winter skincare routine. Usually, our Mother Nature takes away the natural oils from our skin and we are left to deal with dryness. Glamour World is thus here to help you revitalize your skin this winter with some simple tricks. Folks, let’s get started then.

6 Steps To Revitalize Your Skin In Winter Are Below:

  • Cut down on hot showers – What feels comfortable might not be good for your skin. Resist your constant urge to revel in hot showers as your skin is subject to more dryness and flakiness. As soon as you take hot showers, moisturize your skin immediately. Hot showers are known to take away all the natural oils and leave your skin dry. You can try dry brushing, which involves shedding off the dead and dried skin cells from your skin.
  • Use a rich moisturizer for your skin – Winter does not go without moisturizer. Moisturization is the most significant process in the entire winter special skincare routine. It restores the pH balance and natural oils in your skin. Moreover, the dryness that winter offers, moisturizers fight against that. So, wherever you go, whatever you do, keep moisturizing your skin twice, thrice, or multiple times. We assure you that you will only be benefitted. Try Glamour World Glow Fair Moisturizer.


  • Do not over wash your face – It’s nothing unnatural in winter to settle down dirt, pollutants in your face. So, washing and cleansing are important. But, use a mild face wash and a cleanser in winter. Don’t rub your face excessively as it wipes out the essential natural oils too. Wash your face once and observe how your skin feels soft and supple. Glamour World Glow Mint Face Wash is great for you.

  • Keep yourself hydrated – Drink plenty of water until you are absolutely hydrated. Dryness in winter is common. To fight that, you have to stay hydrated. Your body hydration can actually help your skin too. Watch out for this drastic change that is natural.
  • Take care of your lips – The most left out among the body parts is our lips. But in winter, your lips demand proper caressing. Carry lip balms, apply multiple times, drink water, never walk off with bare lips when you are out in the sun. A little carefulness can get you the kind of soft, supple, pink lips you genuinely crave.
  • Make sunscreen your best friend – Who told you that sunscreens are to be befriended only in summer? That’s not true at all. Sunscreens can be your best friend all throughout the year. The sunrays are powerful and effective enough to penetrate into your skin pores and cause tanning, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, etc. If needed, enhance your SPF factor and reapply sunscreens whenever necessary. We suggest you use Glamour World Glow Fair Sunscreen Lotions.

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