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Benefits Of Sunscreen In Pre Winter

Benefits Of Sunscreen In Pre Winter

This blog gets you a clear idea of 7 Benefits Of Sunscreen In Pre Winter.

Since it’s winter, you don’t need to wear sunscreen. This is the most cliched conception that has passed on over the years. Very few of us literally feel the urge to explore this age-old convention and decide whether we should stick to sunscreens all year round or give it a miss during the winter. Today’s blog will enlighten you on this and you will be surprised to know how sunscreens are not just a part of a mere beauty care regimen but a daily healthy habit.



Before we start talking about the uses of sunscreens, let us declare that sunscreens should be used all year round even in the cold months. Make this habit of wearing sunscreen whenever you go out, even on cloudy days and sultry mornings.

PROTECTION FROM SUNBURN – Sunburn or tanning is a common problem that occurs when you start going out in the sun. The harmful UV rays are considered to burn your skin. The summer sun is undoubtedly scorching compared to the winter sun. But that does not give you the liberty to roam without putting it on because, during the winter months, the sun is closer to earth enhancing the chances of sunburn.

RETAIN YOUTHFULNESS OF YOUR SKIN – Younger-looking skin is nothing less than a boon. What more can you want when you can keep people guessing your age curiously. Well, sunscreens can literally make this boon turn into reality. Applying sunscreens can boost collagen production that prevents premature aging and sunspots. Researches reveal that around 90 percent of people suffer from untimely wrinkles due to exposure to the sun.

THINNING OZONE LAYER LEADS TO SKIN CANCER – The ozone layer absorbs harmful solar radiation. But due to global warming and other environmental issues, the ozone layer has started depleting. Due to this situation, the UVB rays affect your skin directly and increase the chances of skin cancer. So, it is indeed necessary to put on sunscreen before you go out.



There are certain factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the right sunscreen.

  • SPF Factor – SPF stands for sun protection factor. Every sunscreen comes with this SPF ranging from 15 to more. SPF simply tells you about what fraction of the sun’s rays can reach your skin. For example – SPF 15 allows 1/15th of the sun’s rays to penetrate your skin. But higher SPF does not assure that you can stay in the sun for a longer period of time. So better limit your sun exposure and wear sunscreen.
  • Physical or Chemical – which is better? Physical sunscreens reflect the ultraviolet rays before allowing them to enter your skin while chemical sunscreen tries to absorb the UV rays when they try to enter your skin. But chemical sunscreens might not be friendly with your hormones or skin texture. So considering this situation, physical sunscreens are better.
  • Skin nourishment quotient – Winter demands nourishment and what can be more beneficial when you can get it from your sunscreen. Watch out for the ingredients in your sunscreen that keep your skin hydrated and well-nourished. If your sunscreen gives winter skincare, grab it now.

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