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Diwali-special Skincare Routine

Diwali-special Skincare Routine

This blog discusses the Diwali-special skincare routine.

With the arrival of the festive season, what remains highly challenging is to keep your face glowing naturally. Diwali is just a week away and we are here with some super exciting tips and tricks exclusively to secure your skin health. The festive glow is easy to obtain when you have the right beauty products on your shelf. This Diwali, stay away from chemicals, choose natural ingredients, choose Glamour World Ayurvedic products.

If you are not willing to visit a parlor, then start prepping at home. Listen out to some effective home remedies and notice the difference in your skin within a week. Beautiful skin is not difficult to get, it is all about a little effort and time. So, let’s get started.


Beauty tips for the perfect Diwali Look

While there’s light everywhere, how can you not shine this Diwali? Begin with some generic tips and wait for more:-

  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits – A balanced diet is the first key to healthy skin. Include fruits and green vegetables as much a possible. They are enriched with vitamins and minerals that help your body to remove toxins, speed up your digestion process and therefore give healthy and younger-looking skin.
  • Drink ample water – Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water every day. The sufficiency of water keeps your body hydrated and prevents pimples and acne formation. Start your day with a glass full of water, you will notice a sudden hype in your fitness and beauty quotient simultaneously.
  • Cleanse well – Deep cleansing is required to remove impurities from the skin pores. While you go out, get exposed to dirt and pollution, your skin pores are clogged. To unblock those pores and allow your skin to breathe, deep cleanse with your favorite cleanser at least twice a day.
  • Exfoliate – Exfoliation is a must process to undergo if you want to boost up your skin’s radiance. With Diwali, comes winter. So, keeping in mind the cold winds, choose a gentle scrub. Rub your face gently to preserve the natural oils and moisture. Exfoliate weekly for better results. Glamour World Glow Fairness Scrub is a good option for your skin.
  • Use a night cream – Make a habit of using night creams. The night cream helps in restoring moisture and adds radiance to your skin. Your skin is likely to wrinkle because of the constant moisture barrier it creates. Holding moisture becomes easier for your skin especially at night because it remains in a safe zone where there is no dirt, or pollution, or harmful sun rays. Try Glamour World Glow Night Cream.
  • Detox your skin with a face mask – Detoxification is important for your skin to ensure the removal of the toxins. Your skin feels refreshed and rejuvenated especially after applying face masks. Face masks help in penetrating the active ingredients into the skin pores and result in glowing, beautiful skin. Explore the wide range of Glamour World face masks.
  • The CTM method – The cleaning-toning-moisturizing is a famous and basic method, to begin with, your skincare routine. If you are not an ardent follower of skincare guides but still want to obtain fresh, glowing skin, follow the CTM method.

Glamour World promises to enrich you with interesting tips and tricks on skincare. We provide cures with natural remedies and our products are all skin-type friendly. We pledge to beautify you with nature.