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Post-Holi Skin Care Rescue: How to Restore Your Skin’s Glow After the Celebrations

Holi Happiness is in the air! Celebrating Holi week is a wonderful way to connect with your loved ones, friends, and family members. Let us not forget the Holi colors, sweets, and snacks that come with the festival. This may take a toll on your overall skin health. Yup! Indulging in Holi colors and sweets directly impacts skin status and skin conditions. 

To restore your skin glow after the holi celebrations, GW Ayurvedic takes the initiative to spread awareness about post-Holi skin care rescue. So, if you are done with your Holi bash, let us take a deep dive into pampering yourself with TLC (Tender Love Care) for your skin. We have rounded up the best skincare tips that you can indulge in post-Holi celebrations. 

Why is Post-Holi Skin Care Rescue a must?

Post-Holi skin care rescue is the need of an hour especially for those who indulge in Holi celebration with colors and sweets. Yes, colors and sweets during holi can cause many skin issues. Let us look into the major skincare problems which may arise post-Holi celebration. 

  1. Acne due to chemical colors formed because of blocked pores 
  2. Allergic reaction due to colors which may lead to itching and rashes 
  3. Acne boils and pustules due to rising blood sugar levels especially on consumption of sweets
  4. Skin pore injury due to the presence of silica and minute elements in the chemical colors 
  5. Sun exposure during the daytime while indulging in colors leads to hyperpigmented skin
  6. Skin inflammation with dermatitis causing swelling and irritation 
  7. Skin barrier damage causes an increased risk of skin infections post-holi

Well, the list of skin problems post-holi celebration is endless. Moreover, let us not forget that people who have active skin problems such as eczema, or psoriasis may show worsened skin condition post-holi due to triggering factors which include holi colors and sweets. Thus, post-holi skin care rescue tips are a must for everyone to keep skin issues at bay. 

Let us check out the best post-holi skin care rescue tips and products which you can opt for in the next part of the article. 

The 7 Best Post-Holi Skin Care Rescue Tips 

When we talk about holi, the first thing that comes to our mind is colors. Well, post-holi, there is an extreme fear of waking up with a colorful Smurf. These color pigments may not wash off completely in one day. They get deposited on your face causing skin problems. Some of the chemical-laden ingredients may also get absorbed into your skin resulting in skin damage. 

The best post-holi skin care tips are as follows- 

  • Natural skincare products 

Use natural skin care products enriched with botanical extracts to avoid further triggers to the skin. Indulging in chemical-based products causes stronger reactions between the skin, color pigments, and harsh ingredients in the skincare products. It is strongly recommended to use the best ayurvedic skincare products to allow your skin to rejuvenate post-holi.

  • Follow the CTM procedure 

Indulge in the CTM procedure of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing with natural, safe, and yet effective skin care products. Avoid reaching out to kitchen cabinets for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solutions. This may further damage the skin due to the interaction of elements with the holi colors. Use a gentle cleanser, hydrating toner, and natural moisturizer for your skin post-holi. 

  • Avoid harsh scrubbing or exfoliation 

In the quest to get rid of holi colors on the face, it is important to avoid harsh scrubbing of the skin. This implies for the facial and body skin. Scrubbing skin causes damage to the skin barrier resulting in skin irritation and infections. You can follow the process of exfoliation with a gentle and natural exfoliating scrub once a week to eliminate dead skin. 

  1. Ensure to use your sunscreen daily 

UV damage triggers the skin post-holi which results in direct skin damage. Ensure always to apply sunscreen with high SPF 30 minutes before you step out in the sun. This allows the sunscreen to be absorbed and work effectively to protect your skin. 

  • Hydrate yourself 

We welcome the summer post-holi celebration. With profuse sweating, it is important to keep ourselves hydrated for a natural skin glow. You can opt for fresh juices, and coconut water to keep yourself well-hydrated. Dry and dehydrated skin post-holi may take away the glow. 

  • Consume healthy diet 

With all the sweets and snacks consumed during the holi celebration, it is important to detox yourself. Include a high-fiber diet with fruits and vegetables post-holi. Avoid cheat meals and follow a healthy diet to allow a natural skin detox. 

  • Exercise and sweat out 

Holi celebration means skipping exercise and workouts. Yes! With festival holidays, the majority of us tend to relax on our couch. It is very important to stay active and exercise post-holi celebrations for healthy skin. Sweating out releases “feel-good hormones” allowing the skin to glow from within. 

So, get started with these 7 best post-holi skin care rescue tips to revitalize your skin. These tips will help you improve your skin and must be incorporated into your daily skincare routine.