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Top 7 Special Pre-winter Hair Care Tips

Top 7 Special Pre-winter Hair Care Tips

Today’s blog enriches you with the top 7 special pre-winter hair care tips.

Winter is the time to warm ourselves up. The cold, severe winds often swipe away moisture from our skin and hair. Usually, we wrap ourselves under cozy blankets, sip on hot chocolates, and indulge in the warmth of the indoors for body comfort. But for hair care, tricks and tips are way different. So before winter slips in silently, let’s explore some of the special pre-winter hair care tips.

Before winter arrives, a sudden drop in temperature. Consequently, with the change in weather, you might experience excess hair fall or hair breakage, dandruff problems, scalp issues, and dryness. To handle the climatic change and ensure your hair health, Glamour World brings you the comfort of their exclusive Ayurvedic products. Make your pre-winter hair care more and more effortless with flying colors.

Top 7 special pre-winter hair care tips are below:

    • Add some extra moisture to your hair – Moisture is one of those significant elements that winter keeps stealing away from us. To keep your scalp moisturized, get a hot oil massage treatment. Stroke your hair with oil as the season takes away natural oils and gives dandruff and dryness in return. This is the reason why our grandmothers always emphasized oiling our hair more often, especially in the months of autumn and winter.
  • Do not overwash your hair – Restrain your frequency of hair washes. Do not wash your hair more than twice a week as it snatches away the natural oils, moisture, and nourishment from your hair. This pre-winter time, it is better to use a sulfate-free shampoo to maintain natural hair moisture balance.
  • Avoid overheating your hair – Overheating your hair might be harmful because it deteriorates the hair texture, increases hair fall and hair breakage, dandruff problems. Try avoiding hairstyling kits, blow dryers as they can be threatening to the longevity of your hair strands. 
  • Timely trimming – Trimming your hair from time to time is necessary. Especially, when winter is approaching, make sure to get yourself a new hairstyle or trim your hair minimally. The scorching summer heat leaves your hair with split ends. So, remove the poor hair roots and impart a new, exciting look.
  • Apply a hair conditioning mask – Hair masks are greatly beneficial for the utter nourishment of your hair. The cold days of winter leave your hair mal-nutrition. So, better for you to apply some natural ingredients to enhance hair growth, add potion to every hair shaft, lock moisture, and thicken your hair grip. You can rely on honey that is enriched with vitamins and amino acids and contains hair-conditioning effects. Egg-yolk is also great for incorporating hair growth naturally.
  • Humidifiers can help – The benefits of humidifiers are still not known to all. During shivering winter evenings, you can be indoors with room heaters on. Despite room heaters impart intense heat, it takes away the moisture and dries your hair out. Humidifiers help to balance moisture and prevent dryness. To shield your hair from the harshness of winter, better include humidifiers in your pre-winter hair care tips.
  • Cover your hair – This tip does not go exclusively for pre-winter time, but all year round. Either wear a hat or use an umbrella, do not forget to cover your hair while going out in the sun. Sunrays can be harmful to your hair and cause greyness of hair.


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