This blog tells you about the winter body-care essentials.

It’s time to indulge in winter thrills – day-outs, picnics, barbeques. But do not miss out on your body care routine. Dryness, dehydration are common during the season of fall. But what can keep us going is the list of winter body care essentials. Follow our list and get sorted this winter.

It’s not always about your skin but your body too needs care and affection.

Forget all the dryness and immerse yourself in moisture. What if you hide your skin under the blankets, radiance should never lose its way.

Winter Body-Care Essentials:

  • Body oil – One of the body care essentials in winter is body oil. They moisturize your skin well and improve blood circulation. The dullness of your skin disappears with body oil containing rich antioxidants. Apply body oil before you take showers and make sure that your skin absorbs the oil to the fullest.


  • Mild Body Scrub – Now, flaky skin will never trouble you once you have a mild body scrub. Exfoliators are important even in winter to remove dirt and shed off the layer of dead skin cells. Pick up exfoliators that are incorporated with essential oils or shea butter.
  • Moisturizing Body Wash – Avoid bathing bars in winter as they contain harsh chemicals. Choose body washes that hydrate your skin and prove to moisturize. Using body washes can also wipe out excess oil residing in your body. Thus you get your body grease-free, smooth, and supple.


  • Body Butter – Body butter is for those with extremely dry skin. The texture is usually heavy and penetrates deep into the skin. The winter evenings can be cold and shivering. Apply body butter and preserve your skin for a longer period of time.
  • Body lotion – Body lotions contain moisturizing agents that repair dry, damaged skin, and help to rejuvenate the skin cells. Apply a moisturizing body lotion at night and feel the difference in your skin. Let your skin heal in the lap of the night.

  • Foot Cream – Cracked heels come uninvited in winter. Using a foot cream softens the skin and removes dullness. Moreover, if your feet are subject to severe cracks, moisturizing cream is a must. Feet are often the most neglected part of our body. So, this winter, make your feet lovable.

  • Hand Cream – Our hands suffer the most in winter. With cold water freezing your hands, you need a heavy moisturizer to hydrate your skin to the fullest. Keep your favorite hand cream in your bag and apply when necessary.

Winter is the perfect time to free yourself from beads of sweat. Enjoy the chilling winds but protect yourself with hydrating moisturizers. Don’t let the dryness settle in your skin and make it ruthless. Glamour World suggests you indulge in the process of perfect nourishment and gift your skin an unprecedented glow. While the others denounce the stickiness of moisturizing creams, you better be a myth-breaker and flaunt your beauty. Our list of winter body care essentials can be fruitful enough. May your beauty meet no bounds.