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Winter Care Essentials For Your Skin

This blog talks about the winter care essentials for your skin.

Hello dear ladies, what are you holding up to? Winter is ruling now and you are still stuck to your old beauty care regimen? But no worries. Glamour World is here to enlighten you with a list of winter care essentials for your skin. Just stay tuned and follow us. We guarantee you vibrant, radiant skin even in the months of cold winds.

As winter creeps in silently, your skin tends to become dry and dull. So, without any second thought, all your winter care essentials must have immense moisturizing agents to hydrate and make them soft and supple. Let’s determine the factors you must consider while preparing your skin to combat the adversities of winter.

  • Cleanser with cream base – Cleansers are meant to detoxify your skin and remove dirt and impurities. But while doing that, it also squeezes out the natural oils of your skin leaving it harsh and dry. So, winter calls for cream-based cleansers. Cream-based cleansers retain moisture and provide essential nutrients to your skin apart from stripping off oil, dust, and unwanted bacteria.
  • Skin moisturizer – No matter where you are, carry moisturizers everywhere. Winters are so dry at times, that even moisturizers barely work on our skin. So, your winter skin moisturizer should be formulated with a creamier, nourishing, and more hydrating formula.

Winter Care Essentials For Your Skin:

We recommend you use Glow Fair Moisturizer, Glow Smooth Moisturizer, Glow Mint Moisturizer, and Glow Young Moisturizer.

  • Hydrating serum – Do not deprive your skin of the nourishment that serum can provide. Face serums are hydration packed with anti-aging and skin-nourishing ingredients. Serums can penetrate quickly and deeply through your skin pores. Before putting on face moisturizers, apply a serum. They are way more effective. Try Glamour World Glow Brightening Anti Wrinkle Serum and Glow Brightening Hydrating Serum.
  • Mild exfoliator – Especially during winter, your skin tends to dry up and the dead skin cells settle down quickly. Exfoliation thus becomes a mandatory process to revitalize your skin from within and add glow. But it has to be a gentle exfoliator when it’s winter. Otherwise, you will have all your skin nutrients peeled off with your scrub. Make sure your exfoliator includes alpha-hydroxy acids, enzymes, and BHAs to get rid of dullness. Rely on Glamour World Glow Fairness Scrub.
  • Hydrating Body Lotion – Winter care for your body is as important as your skin. Choose a body lotion that is enriched with fatty lipids such as shea or cocoa butter. These ingredients provide moisturization to your body for long hours. Apply your body lotion at least twice a day to obtain soft and supple skin. Glamour World Glow Whitening Body Lotion provides superb hydration to your body in winter.
  • Lip balm – Taking care of your lips is utterly important in winter. Who wants chapped, dry lips? Carry your favorite lip balm for prolonged nourishment. You can also watch out for awesome DIY recipes perfecting your appealing pair of lips.
  • Body oil – Your bathroom rack should have body oil in stock. Massaging body oil leaves your skin nourished, hydrated, and oily. It also removes winter suntan and imparts an unparalleled glow. Glamour World Glow Body Polishing Oil is a wonderful product and a must inclusion in winter essentials.

We welcome you to visit our Glamour World website and throw a glance at all the products enriched with Ayurvedic qualities. Enjoy this winter with a full mood on.