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Winter Care Handbag Essentials

Winter Care Handbag Essentials

This blog educates you about winter care vanity-bag essentials.

With winter peeping in, you notice a complete change in your list of handbag essentials. Isn’t it? That’s very obvious. When the cold, wintry winds take over, you hardly have a choice but to resort to moisturizers for instant relief. But is winter all about moisturizing your dry skin?

Well, to bring down a complete change to your list of handbag essentials, we have come up with excellent ideas. Learn with us and realize what you are missing out on. Not only your skin but make your handbag ready for winter too.


List down what’s essential

# Essential 1

Considering the dry, harsh winds blowing in winter, carrying a moisturizer is utterly important. Moisturizers help in maintaining the pH balance of your skin and make it soft and supple. Whenever you are out in winter, do not forget to slip in a moisturizer in your handbag. In every interval, keep applying moisturizer. Never bother the winter winds when you can lock the moisture right in your skin.  Glamour World moisturizers will never fail to provide nutrition to your skin.

# Essential 2

Lip balms are the second most essential skincare products to reside in your handbag throughout the winter. Lips are extremely sensitive and get easily affected by heat, dry winds and arid weather. Moreover, we often tend to drench our lips to wet them out. But that causes actual trouble and our lips run drier. So keep applying lip balms frequently and keep hydrated.

# Essential 3

Hand lotions can be another essential that falls under winter essentials. Remember, hand lotions are exclusively formulated to moisturize your hands and they can’t be substituted by face moisturizers. Do carry a hand lotion as your hands lose all the moisture being exposed to the wintry winds.

# Essential 4

Carry face wipes always during winter. In winter it’s most likely for your skin to attract dust, dirt, and pollutants. The reason that you don’t sweat reduces the frequency of your facial cleansing. On top of it, moisturization allows more dirt to settle down on your face. Face wipes can literally wipe off the dirt and at the same time retain moisture.

# Essential 5

Carry hand warmers in case the temperature falls unknowingly. Warm hands can save you from the harshness of winter. So carry woolen warmers in your bag always.

# Essential 6

The recent pandemic has compelled us to carry hand sanitizers with us all the time. So, irrespective of winter or summer, hand sanitizers have to be there among your handbag essentials. Sanitize your hands more often for ensuring safety but the alcohol content can often snatch away the moisture. So as soon as you sanitize, do not forget to use a lotion.

# Essential 7

Skin repair serums are much needed in winter. Who can say that you might not need it while you are out? Serums penetrate deep into the skin pores and their active ingredients can help your skin repair. So be it dryness, or rashes, or other skin imperfections, carry a skin repair serum. It can also get you glowing skin. Try the new range of Glamour World serums.


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